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Carbon Monoxide Facts and Myths

Common Myths About
Carbon Monoxide

There are a lot of MYTHS about Carbon Monoxide. Now get the FACTS!

I have a new furnace...I cannot have a CO problem...
CO can only be from wood burning...
My CO detector hasn't alarmed...I can't have CO...
I just had my furnace has to be OK...
I don't smell anything...


If your Carbon Monoxide detector alarms, who do you call? No, not Ghostbusters. You call the fire department. Or your local Heating Contractor.

Only about 20 percent of fire departments have the proper equipment to test you or your home for Carbon Monoxide. Those are pretty scary statistics. When a heating contractor comes to your home or business to "clean and tune" your heating system, they should be doing a complete Combustion Analyzation Test. But only 30-40 percent of HVAC companies have the proper equipment to test.

What are some of the common sources of CO in a residence?

Most people think that a gas furnace is the only thing in their home that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. What you do not know CAN HURT YOU! There are many possible sources of carbon monoxide in a home.

Our opinion? Any contractor worth their salt will TEST! If they don't, find a contractor who does. It may cost you an extra $5-$10 for your tune and clean, but your safety is priceless.

  • Any fuel-burning furnace, INCLUDING BRAND NEW, TOO!
  • Unvented cooking appliances
  • Unvented gas fireplace
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Gas, oil, wood or coal furnace
  • Blocked chimney (birds like to nest here)
  • Water heater
  • Gas refrigerator
  • Gas clothes dryer
  • Attached garage (auto exhaust fumes)
  • Barbecue grill
  • Pool and spa heaters
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Ceiling mounted unit heater
  • Fuel burning space heaters

Early Signs of CO Poisoning

If you exhibit any of the following symptoms, and believe that you may have a carbon monoxide problem in your home or workplace, contact your local fire department or local gas utility company.

Headaches -- Nausea -- Dizziness -- Shortness of Breath -- Confusion

Remember, even healthy people are at risk from this silent killer!

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